Top 50 of 2004

"Phwaaaaat!?!" Go 75% Of You

For the 25% who voted Westlife

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For the rest...

Okay, okay, wait to the end for my commentary. But, I thought that what may be of interest to you would be to do something purely hypothetical.

Understand that this is purely as a matter of interest, the top 50 results for 2004 are what you've just seen.

But, supposing you were to set to one side for a minute the portion of the voters who voted Westlife, how would the Top 50 look?

Well, it would look something a bit like this:


"Just a bit of fun" Top 50 of 2004


(Note: You'll be able to see which songs have been boosted into the Top 50, as they don't have the writeups)

Normal service will now be resumed

Hey, wonder what the rest of the chart looks like?

The rest, from 51 onwards

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