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Yes, it seems like an even longer time than previously when we kissed goodbye to the year 2000. But, there was some unfinished business to attend to. So, with much begging, pleading and chivvying, I asked as many friends and vague acquantainces as I could muster to select their favourite 10 singles of last year, so I could compile the Top 50 singles of 2000. And thanks to all those to exercised their grey matter, filled in the form on the web page and added to the tally. I received no fewer than 52 votes from people, which may not sound much, but still exceeds any voting turnout of any Top 50 we have done in previous years. This was more than enough to keep me busy compiling the list.


My intention behind the form was supposed to be that people voted for their songs in preferential order so song 1 on the form was your favourite song. Regrettably, I didn't do too well in explaining this on the page, so I reckon probably about 50% of the voters plonked the songs on the form in any old order. This does mean I have used a slightly different criteria than previously intended to compile the chart, but hey, some would argue it should have been done that way all along.

How was the list compiled?

The results were sorted out as follows. As each person submitted their top 10 songs, the web-page submitted it to me by E-mail. I then pasted the votes into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which also contained the entire shortlist of songs. The spreadsheet was able to count how many votes for each song had been cast and how many for each position, from 1 to 10. I then gave a scoring system to calculate the total score for each song, the old tried and trusted "10 points for a number 1 vote, down to 1 point for a number 10 vote" system. Because Excel is a clever beast, it can compile the chart itself, by sorting the list of songs by the following criteria (in order of importance, the subsequent criteria used if there was a tie):

The initial intention was to use the total scoring system, but as I naused up telling folk how to vote, this is now only used in the event of a tie. Ah well, something to learn for the top 50 of 2001!

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It's all here in full now, so why not go all the way from 50 to 1? Enjoy!

The Spotify Playlist

Is now available too - although there a few omissions where they aitn't available - where possible, I've put cover versions in, but some songs haven't even got that. If you find 'em on Spotify, drop me a line and I'll gladly add them in!

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