Top 50 Singles of 2001

But first, this...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know - you want to see where all your hard earned votes went. Well, the link is at the bottom of the page. But I've got some stuff to say too.

Thank you!

This is for all those who took the trouble to cast their vote - we've managed to cruise past the total number of votes for the Top 50 of 2000. This year the total stood at 65 votes, which doesn't sound like an awful lot, but you all got 10 choices to make, so there were 650 individual song votes cast. That sounds much better, doesn't it?

How was the list compiled?

The results were sorted out as follows. As each person submitted their top 10 songs, the web-page submitted it to me by E-mail. I then pasted the votes into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which also contained the entire shortlist of songs. The spreadsheet was able to count how many votes for each song had been cast and how many for each position, from 1 to 10. I then gave a scoring system to calculate the total score for each song, the old tried and trusted "10 points for a number 1 vote, down to 1 point for a number 10 vote" system. Because Excel is a clever beast, it can compile the chart itself, by sorting the list of songs by the following criteria (in order of importance, the subsequent criteria used if there was a tie):


It seems that you can never rest easy can you? No sooner do I think that I've managed to get my house in order than someone carefully taps me on the shoulder and politely whispers "think you've f*cked up there". Yep, in spite of having 5 people drawing up the aide-memoire (including 2 fans of the offending artist), we managed to include A SONG FROM 2000 in the Top 50. Thanks to Noax for spotting that S Club 7's "Never Had A Dream Come True" was totally ineligable for this years Top 50, as it was released in November 2000, for Children In Need. So as a result, the whole chart has been rejigged and one more song has been bunked up into the main section. And what better way lead into the chart itself.....

Top 50 of 2001

The Spotify playlist

Here you go then. Yeah, it's retrospective - but why not relive it in (nearly) full? Cover versions where the song doesn't exist on Spotify (and sometimes just a yawning gap) - so if you spot the proper version on Spotify, then mail me and I'll restore it to it's full glory.

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Thanks go to the following people for assisting with getting together our comprehensive aide-memoire: Danny G, Paul M, Kat H, Carolyn T

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