Top 50 of 2009

The results!

So we close out the decade with the poll for the top singles of 2009. Thanks to all of the 99 people who took the time to cast their vote.

How was the list compiled?

The results were sorted out as follows. Your votes were submitted into a database, containing all the songs. I then simply got the database to tot up the totals and compile the chart. The scoring system remains the same as previous years, the old tried and trusted "10 points for a number 1 vote, down to 1 point for a number 10 vote" system. Because the chart itself is compiled by sorting the list of songs by the following criteria (in order of importance, the subsequent criteria used if there was a tie):


If you spot a mistake (for sadly it is possible), drop me a mail and let me know. I'll go check it out and correct the fault if its... er, faulty.

For the tenth and final time this decade, click on the link to see....

The Top 50 of 2009

As well as seeing the chart - want to hear it?

Since I went to all the trouble of making a Spotify playlist for the aide-memoire, it's a bit of a no-brainer to do one for the Top 50 itself. So for all those who have Spotify, feel free to listen to the Top 50 singles of 2009 playlist, in good old 50 to 1 format. They are all there at the time of writing this, so if you spot that some have now disappeared, let me know and try and find their replacement.

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